Marshall County


  • Democrats Gathered Thursday NIght To Cheer Hillary Clinton's Nomination

    Local Democrats gathered at the Midnight Ballroom Event Center operated by Luisa Ortega for a big screen viewing of the last night of the National Convention and Hillary's acceptance speech. Ortega is a candidate for Marshall County Auditor/Recorder. Also in attendance were State Representative Mark Smith and County Superviosr Candidate Jon Muller. The gathering was moved by the inspirational speeches of many people during the evening including Chelsea Clinton and Hillary herself! July 28, 2016 marks the first time one of the two major parties nominated a woman for President, yet for Hillary the night was about all of us together working for our collective future.

  • Convention Viewing Party

    DNC viewing party at 1111 Prairie Lane starting at 5pm on Monday July 25. Some food and drink available but feel free to bring. RSVP not required but helpful. Contact Matthew Herrick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

  • Luisa Ortega Seeks Marshall County Auditor & Recorder Position

    Successful Marshalltown Area business woman Luisa Ortega is seeking election to the combined county offices of Auditor & Recorder on the November Ballot. Luisa is one of many Iowans who were motivated for the first time to attend the Presidential Caucus in February of this year. Luisa said, "I was frustrated by the negativity coming from many of our national leaders or people seeking to be leaders concerning issues in the nation. I want to help contribute to informing citizens of how they can and should participate in our local government and local elections!"


    Luisa began her first business venture at the age of 17 and has since then either operated two businesses or one business and one job. She is a tireless worker who contributes much to the community including as chairperson of the effort to bring a spectacular Fourth of July Celebration to Marshalltown. Luisa also serves on the advisory committee for the Orpheum Theater and contributes many hours to making community life in Marshall County special for our fellow citizens.


    You can look for Luisa as she contacts voters at their front doors in the weeks ahead!



  • 2016 Democratic Headquarters Secured at Marshalltown Mall

    Hello Everone! We have secured the HQ for the 2016 Campaign. It is currently open for work on Iowa Senator Steve Sodders Campaign acitivity with a lot more to follow. You can reach the HQ by calling 641-751-3599 or Tom Swartz at 641-751-5119. A Schedule to staff the office with volunteers is being formulated now.

    The Headquarters is next door to the Iowa DOT Driver's License station.


    To contact the Steve Sodders campaign for activities and hours that they are at HQ please contact the local Iowa Senate campaign staff person Michael Reynolds at Democratic HQ. Please consider volunteering soon. Thanks!


  • Marshall County Monthly Meeting Tuesday 5:30 at New Democratic HQ at Marshalltown Mall

    Come join local Democrats at 5:30 on July 12 at the new HQ in the Marshalltown Mall next to the Iowa DOT driver's license station. Meeting begins at 5:30 with appetizers and ends by 7:00 p.m. Well have items to discuss including an HQ Grand Opening event as well as activities during the Democaatic National Convention later this month. See you there!